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Shane Hanrahan

Managing Director

Shane is our Managing Director. With an accounting and logistics management background, Shane has over 8 years’ experience in this highly competitive market. His understanding of what’s needed to successfully drive sales has seen him find the right person for the role in a range of mission-critical placements. With the nature of the logistics business, Shane is often asked to cater for large increases in demand to meet his client’s needs with very short notice. An example Is a client had an extra ship arrive early, the client needed needed 50 extra people for 3 days to get the stock off and put away. The task was completed successfully.

Adrian Rowe-Ham

Area Manager

Adrian heads up our Industrial Temps Team for Ireland South | West at Staffline Recruitment. Adrian has over 14 years’ experience in the recruitment market, having led a successful team for many years in the competitive London market. He recognizes the importance of a swift and attentive response to the busy operations manager who must fill a temporary role, typically at short notice, as when he recently took a late afternoon phone call from a client and secured 15 specialist personnel to start at 6am the following morning, in an area without public transport.

James Sheehan

Industrial Recruiter

James joined our recruitment company in 2013; James has worked from the other end of the spectrum where he used agencies to provide for his temporary requirements. He has a good understanding of operations and the importance of communication between clients and candidate. He recognizes that the client must get what they require in order for the service to be effective and efficient.

Sean Molloy

Industrial Recruiter

Sean is recruitment consultant in our Cork office within the temporary section . Sean has extensive HR knowledge and working in day to day hire for our cleints. Sean is fully aware of each clients needs and always ensures that their needs are meet on a daily bases. He is a very effective communicator.

Marianna Wolan

Office Manager

Marianna is a member of the team since 2007. She manages the office and the support function for the recruitment process. Marianna has a fountain of knowledge from over 10 years experience in this area and is an integral part of the success of Staffline Recruitment.

Gosia Bukowska

Recruitment Consultant

Gosia is predominately involved in the temporary division of our cork team. She also runs the market end of the business with a college degree in marketing and ample experience in this area. Gosia works closely with some of our key clients ensuring their demands are meet.

David Reape

Permanent Recruiter

David has over 12 years’ experience in this wide-ranging sector, and has worked with both global and local firms to help them build the sales teams they require for their business. His understanding of what’s needed to successfully drive sales has seen him find the right person for the role in a range of placements. A recent client dramatically changed its approach to sales, requiring a new team to work to a minimum basic / high commission structure. David successfully recruited a specialist sales team for the whole of Ireland, with the client reporting increased sales in a challenging environment as a result.

Sarah O'Toole

Sales Manager Dublin

Sarah's primary focus is in the industrial and office sector. Sarah's knowledge and experience of these sectors combined with her sales experience allows Sarah to understand the exact requirements of clients and tailor a package that suits them best. Sarah understands the value we have for every client and all communication is open and honest so " what we say is what we do".

Sinead Crawley

Senior Recruiter

Sinead is a senior recruitment consultant in our temporary recruitment section for Staffline Recruitment . Sinead will also assist in the recruitment for full time position in the industrial area. Sinead has a clear understanding of how recruitment works most effectively and aims to match the correct candidates for her clients with open and effective communication styles..

Lukasz Hajdug

Industrial Recruiter

Lukasz is a senior recruitment consultant in our temporary recruitment section for Staffline Recruitment . Lukasz has a vast knowledge of the industrial sector both here and abroad. He is very aware of our clients needs and business styles which allows him to match the client needs with the correct candidates at short notice.

Colin Ryan

Industrial Recruiter

Colin Ryan is part of our Dublin recruitment team. He is a very effective recruiter and is always aware of the demands of his client. He has worked in the supply chain sector in various roles and has an extensive knowledge. He fully understands the pressures and demands of this industry,

Lorraine Thompson


Lorraine is in charge of all admin and payroll int he Dublin office. Lorraine has extensive knowledge in this area with years of experience in different sectors. Lorraine is very aware of the importance of payroll in the company and is very vigilant in her duties.