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Sales & Marketing Overview

Sales & Marketing Overview

Our 2020 Northern Ireland Salary Guide features Marketing and Sales insight from our Specialist Recruiters and in-house Marketing team- request a copy of the guide by emailing or read our Sales and Marketing sector insight below!

​As predicted, the Sales and Marketing industry has remained at a busy level with a lot of companies continuing to seek the best sales people as the market remains very competitive. 

Companies who are exporting are continuing to reap the rewards due to Brexit and the value of the pound. We have seen an increase in higher level sales roles along with larger geographical areas to increase sales further afield, such as USA and mainland Europe, to accommodate this. The market continues to get more competitive and is gradually becoming more candidate focused as good candidates have numerous offers at once. Some companies recruitment plans have been affected due to the uncertainty of Brexit but it remains vital for companies to attract the best sales people by keeping in line with market trends and salaries.

More companies are now looking for completely digital marketing candidates as the digital world continues to grow with the ever increasing impact of social media and the need for top SEO. Of course most marketing roles will involve both digital and traditional elements with trade shows and exhibitions still continuing to be vital in attracting new customers and creating brand awareness. Northern Ireland has a strong marketing stream stemming from universities and higher educational institutes, making the market a very competitive one that encourages candidates to be consistently learning and upskilling as the field develops in hand with new technology.

We predict that the market will get even more competitive in 2020, however demand for temporary marketing support has grown by 8 percent in the last year, outlining that there is work available for people who might prefer shorter assignments.