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Assistant DEA Officer

Location County Antrim
Job type Temporary
Salary Up to £13.44 per hour
Published about 2 months ago
Start date asap
Contact Louise McCollum
Job ref BMEAO0512_1670344832

Job description


Work as part of a team responsible for the implementation of "Putting People First", Mid and East Antrim's Community Plan, delivered through a District

Electoral Area (DEA) approach. The role will include input into delivery relating to the following service areas:

  • PCSP
  • Good Relations
  • Community Planning
  • Community Development (including Neighbourhood Renewal & Areas at Risk)
  • Community Services (including Community Centre Management)
  • Basic Services

Work with the DEA Managers and Officers in a multi-agency approach which supports delivery at a local level.

Work in a team to assist delivery of an integrated and multi-agency approach to community planning on areas such as:

  • Sustainable jobs and developing our tourism potential
  • Good health and wellbeing
  • Progress in education and improving aspirations for all
  • Improving community safety and cohesion
  • Our environment

1. Service Delivery
1.1. Act as a point of contact for the relevant DEAs, dealing with day to day enquiries from members of the public, elected members, key community, statutory and voluntary partners in relation to local issues and concerns.
1.2. Assist the DEA Manager and DEA Officer with the effective delivery of a portfolio of services as already detailed under the Main Purpose of Job, specifically in relation to PCSP, Good Relations, Community Planning, Community Development (including Neighbourhood Renewal & Areas at Risk Programmes), Basic Services and Community Services.
1.3. Support the work of the DEA Officer as directed by the DEA Manager in the delivery of services.
1.4. Assist in the operational aspects (along with other relevant Council Departments) of the community centres appropriate to their DEAs.
1.5. Assist with the delivery of a programme of activities to increase participation, levels of usage and footfall within the community centres.
1.6. Work as part of the team to support the development and implementation of a DEA Clusters Action Plan which responds to identified local need.
1.7. Assist the promotion of a programme of outreach work which aims to enhance the public and community awareness of the DEA Clusters and to increase the involvement of the public with the aim of achieving positive outcomes.
1.8. Work across Council departments, as directed by the DEA Managers, in order to ensure a holistic response to needs identified within the DEA clusters action plan, and to implement effective responses.
1.9. Establish, develop and maintain strong working relationships with relevant personnel in community, statutory and voluntary agencies in order to support the full and effective implementation of the clusters action plan.
1.10. Identify continuous opportunities to promote the positive image of the Clusters through a variety of methods e.g. social media, local media, local radio and promotion at local events
1.11. Assist local voluntary and community groups to organise events and projects, providing them with appropriate information and advice.
1.12. Work in such a way that effective and accurate records and information procedures are complied with for all priorities and projects in relation to monitoring and evaluation processes.
1.13. Identify service requirements and raise orders for the purchase of goods and/or services in accordance with the Council's procurement policy.

1.14. Assist with the co-ordination of courses/seminars, booking venues/ accommodation, arrangement of catering/equipment/travel and assist with delegate registration.
1.15. Assist in the promotion of various Council grant schemes.
1.16. Assist in the preparation of reports to Council and Committee meetings as required by the District Electoral Area Manager.
1.17. Gather information to assist in identifying and accessing a range of funding and resources for initiatives designed to implement the community, corporate and local cluster action plans.
1.18. Collate and manage information pertaining to departmental services.
1.19. Assist in the management of budgets and monitoring of expenditure in order to help deliver the service within predetermined budgets.

2. Quality
2.1. Adhere to and comply with all Council policies and procedures relevant to this role, including arrangements for health and safety and risk management.

3. Performance Improvement
3.1. Participate in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of the Department Business Plan and relevant Service Plans responding to changing trends and citizen needs.
3.2. Achieve high standards of personal performance, through meeting agreed personal targets and undertaking planned programmes of professional development.
3.3. Examine opportunities to gain efficiencies and improve effectiveness including collaborative partnerships, joint working and other innovative approaches to achieve best value in the use of public money.

4. Financial and Resource Management
4.1. Ensure efficient and effective financial management by contributing to the development of and working within agreed budgets and finances to deliver service priorities and by ensuring that these budgets are effectively managed, implemented and adhered to across the department.
4.2. Contribute to the financial viability of the Council by ensuring that the Department operates as efficiently and effectively as possible, utilising benchmarking and other value for money techniques and complying with all financial targets, the Council's standing financial instructions, standing orders, codes of conduct and accountability.
4.3. Seek innovative and creative solutions to help bring about change and service improvements.

4.4. Pursue as appropriate, additional sources of funding or other resources, which could be used to enhance those available to the Council.

5. General Management
5.1. Promote and ensure equality of opportunity, good relations and diversity in service delivery and employment by adhering to the Council's Equal Opportunities in Employment policies and procedures and avoiding all forms of discrimination both as an employer and a service provider.
5.2. Ensure that the Council meets its Health and Safety obligations and appropriate arrangements are developed and implemented to ensure compliance with Council's Health and Safety Policy and associated procedures and assure the safety of the workforce and service users.
5.3. Investigate and prepare reports in line with the Council Complaints Policy.
5.4. Assist your line manager in ensuring the Council meets all statutory obligations and ensure that the highest standards of probity and good conduct are maintained at all times.

6. General
6.1. Uphold the Core Values of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council and work to achieve the wider organisational objectives as detailed in the Corporate Plan.
6.2. Participate in the Council's Performance and Development Review process as detailed in the published scheme.
6.3. Fulfil the legal Health and Safety duties placed on employees by:

* taking reasonable care of your own health & safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do or do not do;
* Co-operating with the Council on Health & Safety matters;
* Ensuring that you use work items provided by the Council correctly and in accordance with the training and instruction received, including personal protective equipment (PPE);
* Ensuring that you do not interfere with or misuse anything provided for health, safety, or welfare purposes.

6.4. Contribute to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council in fulfilling all of its commitments in relation to anti-discrimination practices, its Equality Scheme and under the Northern Ireland Act 1998 and the Human Rights Act 1998.
6.5. Comply with all the Council's policies and procedures.
6.6. Fulfil your legal responsibility* for all records held, created or used as part of Council business whether paper based or electronic, including e-mails. All such records are public records and are accessible to the general public, with limited exceptions, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Environment Regulations 2004 and Data Protection Act 1998. Employees are required to be conversant with the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council procedure on records management and to seek advice if in doubt.

* Any subsequent updates will supersede legislation identified within the Job Description

6.7. Maintain high standards of personal accountability.
6.8. Comply with the Code of Conduct for Local Government Employees and the Local Government Employee & Councillor Working Relationship Protocol.
6.9. Participate as required in the selection and appointment of staff reporting to him/her in accordance with procedures laid down by the Council.
6.10. Perform any other duties commensurate with the grade and level of responsibility of this post, for which the post holder has the necessary experience and/or training.


Applicants must:

* Have a third level qualification


Be able to demonstrate, by providing personal and specific examples, that they have two years' experience in a Community Planning / GR / PCSP / Development / Community Services function


Be able to demonstrate, by providing personal and specific examples, that they have one years' experience of working with community and statutory organisations.

OR, for candidates who do not meet the qualification requirements as outlined above:

Be able to demonstrate, by providing personal and specific examples, that they have four years' experience in a Community Planning / GR / PCSP / Development / Community Services function.


Be able to demonstrate, by providing personal and specific examples, that they have one years' experience of working with community and statutory organisations.

A sound understanding of the legislative framework and principles of good practice specifically with regard to Community Planning / GR / PCSP / Development / Community Services.
Practical understanding of the main issues and developments impacting on service delivery within the service portfolio within the Borough.
Knowledge of the community/voluntary sector in Northern Ireland.

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